17.05.2014 | Martin Voltr

Jens Terkelsen: Nice fields with nice fans. We like it in the Czech republic

Three days – seven games for Denmark at the Fastpitch Challenge in Pardubice. In the first one they got a well-deserved win 8-5 against the Czech republic, one of the major favourites for the European Softball Men’s Championship on their home ground. Jens Terkelsen, the head coach of Team Denmark, looks forward to it and hopes to get qualified for the world championship in Canada.

You won the first game of the weekend 8-5. Was it a good game from your team?
Yeah, it was. I think the Czechs got maybe too many runners and also we did. The cold and wet weather was diffilcut for the pithers but I think our pitcher Kim did a good job just to stay in the game for the whole game. And we had some nice hits. So yes, I am satisfied.

What are your next plans for the preparation before the championship in Havlickuv Brod and Pardubice?
After this tournament we are going to Holland, I think also along with the Czech team, in two or three weaks. And before we go to the Czech republic for the championship we will have a nice weekend and some training after that in the week before. But this is also very nice, we have a opportunity to get the team ready.

Do you agree that games with the Czech team are always the good ones?
Yes, yes, always. They have strong players all through the lineup, so you have to be ready all the time. I think this is maybe the fourth year we’ve played here and it is very good for us, that‘s for sure.

What about your team? Are you in Pardubice with the full lineup?
Well, unfortunately, Valdemar (Brask Terkelsen), who was pitching for Spectrum this week, got his shoulder dislocated. He could have been playing here. But apart from that we have actually the strongest lineup so this is most likely the same team that will be going to Pardubice and Havlickuv Brod in July.

That means you have already decided about your lineup for the championship?
Yeah, we wanted to go to this tournament with the right team so they have a chance to stick together. In Holland we will have some players missing so this is a nice opportunity to go with the full team. Unfortunately we have the injury... But you never know.

There are still many games to play at the Fastpitch Challenge. Hopefully it will be in better weather conditions...
Oh yes, they said it will be (laughs). We have the Czech team two times and then juniors and the local team on Saturday. So we have a chance to see all the players during the day. It’s gonna be a long but nice softball day.

Do you look forward to the championship? Do you like it in the Czech republic?
We have nice memories from Havlickuv Brod, we won that championship last time in 2010. Yes, we like it here, there are nice fields with nice fans, they come out and cheer for the teams. I think Holland will come with a strong team, Great Britain also. And of course, the Czechs. We hope to qualify for the world championship so we want to be in the top three.


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