16.07.2014 | Jan Řápek

Luke Peters: I like playing in Czech

He plays for czech team Tempo Praha in league. He’s from New Zaeland but at European championship plays for Great Britain. Team GB lost match against Netherlands, but they’ll come back stronger to beat Czechs.


Could you tell us something about the match with Netherlands?
„Obviously we had our chances, but we didn’t pu the ball on play enough. Maybe we swing some bad pitches and they came on top. They hit the ball and we didn’t.“

What do you expect from the match with the Czech Republic?
„I expect hell of a game.“

You are playing in czech league. Is it adavatage?
„It makes no difference for me. We just need to hit the ball as team.“

But you know the pitchers…
„I know czech pitchers, but it doesn’t matter. Ball still has to make it to the catcher over the plate. My jo bis just to hit the ball.“

And what about your pitchers?
„I want to keep it as a secret. Everybody seen them, everboy knows what’s coming. What I need to say more, they’ve been great.“

What is your goal on this tournament?
„Obviously we want to win, but we also need to qualified for world series next year in Canada. This is kind of main goal for us. Once we do that, than we can look for the win.“

You know Czech republic, but what about the others?
„I think that lot of guys seen the pictures from Czech republic before. We’ve played them on European championship and world series so everybody kind a knows what to expect and now they just have to ht the ball.“

Did they like it?
„I think that guys love to play Czech republic. It’s always hard match.“


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