16.07.2014 | Marek Kratochvíl

Wout Cnops pitched through to second win of the day

Belgium set their goals pretty high trying to win all of their left games. They did well in the first game against Croatia, which they won in a tie-break and they also managed another one today against Israel. Even though they had to rely on Cnops as a pitcher in both games.

date: 16.07.2014 time: 17:00 areal: Havlíčkův Brod
Inning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 T R H E
Israel 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 4 8 1
Belgium 0 0 5 0 1 0 6 6 0
Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Umpires
Cnops Spira Jesper Arno, Raoul Machalet, Christian Singer




Starting line-ups


  • Huyghe SS
  • de Vriendt C
  • Cnops CF
  • Zelenka P
  • van Aarsen 1B
  • van Nuffel 3B
  • de Groote LF
  • Swiers RF
  • van de Weyer 2B


  • Ruggill CF
  • Yakov SS
  • Y. Rosenfeld 2B
  • Scioscia 1B
  • Spira P
  • Siegel C
  • Tomer DP
  • Kaim RF
  • Brown 3B
  • Roth lF – flex

Top of the first inning belonged to Israel. Yaakov smashed a homerun with his first start at bat and sent his team in front. Zelenka had to leave pitching spot due to his shoulder injury and moved to first base, wherefrom he left the game few minutes later. However, Cnops began pitching and let one more run. Siegel singled to right field and Y. Rosenfeld scored.

Belgium got a chance in third and took it. Swers’s inside park homerun resulted into RBI double and evened the game. Huyghe scored from third on a fielding error. Verlest single hit allowed Cnops to score and Verlest himself got on second base, from which he got home later with van Aarssen’s single into left field.

More points were scored in the fifth inning. At first Israel decreased the gap with Y. Rosenfeld’s RBI double. However in the bottom, Celie scored from third base on a wild pitch and made difference by two runs again. Since Israel didn’t anwser again in last two inning, the game ended after top of the seventh. Important win and tough game for Cnops, who pitched almost two whole games today.

Post-game comments

Stefan Thilemans (Belgium): We only have three pitchers here and two really good ones, but we had to make a change after Zelenka god injured early in the first inning. We put there Cnops who already pitched one game so it was tough for him, but he did pretty well. We scored important runs in important moments, I’m proud of my team. Zelenka injured also his leg later and it doesn’t look very good. I think he’s over for the tournament.


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