17.07.2014 | Marek Kratochvíl

Three pitchers for Netherlands controlled win over Belgium

It was an interesting game since most of the Dutchmen play regularly in the Belge league. However they proved their qualities and took a big lead right in the beginning, which they carried through the rest of the game.

date: 17.07.2014 time: 09:30 areal: Havlíčkův Brod
Inning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 T R H E
Belgium 0 0 3 0 0 3 2 4
Netherlands 5 2 1 2 10 7 0
Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Umpires
Baanen Cnops Singer, Litz, Hora




Starting line-ups


  • Huyghe SS
  • de Vriendt C
  • Cnops P
  • van Aarsen 1B
  • de Groote 2B
  • van Nuffel 3B
  • Swers CF
  • Geuquet LF
  • Celie RF


  • Reiph RF
  • Verbrugge LF
  • Javier 1B
  • Dijkhof SS
  • Beaumont C
  • Lo-a-Tjong DP
  • Visser P
  • Raap CF
  • Rietvink 2B
  • Lourens 3B

The Dutchmen started great as they scored five early runs in the first inning with Javier’s, Dijkhof’s and Lo-a-tjong’s RBIs and Visser’s 2 RBI. They also added two more runs in the second inning and it looked very well with them.

Visser was pitching brilliantly and threw three strikeouts in the second inning. He was substituted by Nieuwenhiuze, who hit Swers at bat with his first pitch and then allowed him to go to third base with two more wild pitches. Not a good start and another quick substitution, this time Baanen took the spot and did well.

Despite the fact he started with a wild pitch as well allowing Swers to score and right after letting Huyghe hit 2 RBI, that was it for the game and he managed to go rest of the game harmless.

On the other side, Netherlands scored in third and fourth inning as well reaching the obligatory difference to end the game in fifth one by mercy rule.

Post-game comments

Stefan Thielmans (Belgium): We have problems with the pitching, because our pither Jan is injured. So Wout had to pitch again. It was his third game in two days, so it was a little bit tougher for him. We didn’t start well, the moral was really down, and we never got into the game. So nothing to do about it.

Israel Nukunuku (Netherlands): I´m satisfied, we played well. Our pitcher threw some good strikeouts. We still have a game against Denmark in front of us, which will be probably the most difficult opponent to beat, but that´s what we have to do if we want to go to the Worlds and that´s why we´re here.


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