Danish softball has long ranked among the top teams in Europe and one of the most feared opponents of the Czech Republic. The team – some of whose players can be seen in Czech ballparks this season – was founded in 1985 and it has won eight sets of medals on European level. The Danish won their first European title in Havlíčkův Brod in 2010. They have also won silver six times and bronze once. It is obvious that the Danish national team would like to repeat what they had achieved in Havlíčkův Brod four years ago.

The Danish, however, are this year also seeking redemption for their blow-out two years ago, when they had to swallow the bitter pill of coming fourth – which among other things meant that they did not qualify for the ISF World Championship held in New Zealand last year.

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14.07.2014   Denmark   Israel 5 : 3
14.07.2014   Belgium   Denmark 0 : 9
15.07.2014   Denmark   Great Britain 5 : 4
16.07.2014   Czech republic   Denmark 9 : 5
17.07.2014   Croatia   Denmark 0 : 17
17.07.2014   Denmark   Netherlands 10 : 3
18.07.2014   Czech republic   Denmark 9 : 4
19.07.2014   Denmark   Netherlands 7 : 0
19.07.2014   Czech republic   Denmark 8 : 0

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