Although Israel is geographically not really a part of Europe, they do take part in European competitions in many sports. Batting sports were originally brought to Israel by immigrants from the USA, who still form the core of the national team. There are 9 teams in the Israeli softball league and these have been supplying players for the national team ever since 1995. This exotic softball team is travelling to Havlíčkův Brod to enjoy the opportunity to play good quality games against teams that are on similar level of development as they are. Medals are not to be expected from this team, though. 5th place would be considered a very good result.

Aviv Yaakov, IF
Gil Siegel, C
Michael Marunov, P
Benjamin Guy Ruggill, P,OF
Alberto Daniel Scioscia, IF
Aren Shimon Brown, C,IF
Yaniv Rosenfeld, IF
Michael Tsefi Rosenfeld, IF,OF
Sergei Shishkin, P
Yoav Eliyahu, IF,OF
Nir Tomer, OF
Saul Kaim, IF,OF
Mordechai Betzalel Roth, IF,OF
Ilan Spira P

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Games Played

Date Home Visitors Výsledek
14.07.2014   Denmark   Israel 5 : 3
14.07.2014   Israel   Netherlands 1 : 13
15.07.2014   Israel   Czech republic 1 : 22
15.07.2014   Israel   Croatia 3 : 2
16.07.2014   Belgium   Israel 6 : 4
17.07.2014   Great Britain   Israel 7 : 0
19.07.2014   Israel   Croatia 6 : 1
19.07.2014   Belgium   Israel 0 : 4

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